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Avalanche Knowledge

With our Explore and Learn applications, you can acquire in-depth avalanche knowledge through interactive graphics, exciting lessons and difficult tests


The Explore feature allows you to find out about avalanches by browsing an extensive online resource. An array of graphics, images, animations and interactive tools explain key facts about avalanche prevention.


Learn more about avalanches in a series of exciting e-learning lessons, each of which has a learning objective. White Risk Learn also features exercises to consolidate and test your knowledge.

some lessons only with a plan

Open Learn

White Risk Pro

only with Pro plan

White Risk PRO allows you to create your own presentations using content from White Risk EXPLORE. It gives you access to appealing graphics, interactive elements and numerous films, animations and images. Create your presentation online then download it for presenting and editing offline if you wish.

Desktop Presenter

The user-friendly Pro Desktop Presenter enables you to produce presentations with White Risk animations and link them to PowerPoint slides.

Media Explorer

Use the Media Explorer to browse all the graphics, photos and videos that you can access as a White Risk PRO user. Download the desired media and use them for your presentations (e.g. PowerPoint).

Example presentations